Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Piston Power Show - Live Feed from the show Vintage Motorcycles Podcast #155

We spend some quality time with Kevin Moore - Painter, Builder, Rock n' Roller and Pin-Striper extraordinaire. We talk Vans, old motorcycles and a rotten prank he pulled on a couple of his buddies. 

Kevin, Hadley and Shelby and the Green Fuzz 

the Yamahauler

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Podcast 154 Which obsolete Motorcycle would you take a chance on? Can you live with only 2 bikes?

We sold our 1975 Honda CB400F 

We were kinda sad to see it go. 

Would you buy this bike? 

MZ Baghira Black Panther 660cc Yamaha Power and  :  2001 ~ 2007 

Because I want to hook an entire trailer to the rain gutters on a VW Beetle? 

THE 2 BIKE GARAGE....Can you do it? 

Pete Hempfling says his BMW GS and anything else. Gotta love his commitment.  

John McElfresh says Interceptor/ST and a DRZ400 

Steve Hoffert retains his Zero FXS and his BMW 1150RT 

Dustin is Keeping his DRZ and Maybe wants the vt750c2b Honda Shadow Phantom

This is a Honda Shadow 750 Phantom...in case you were wondering. 

Johnny Chrome wants a Moto Guzzi Stelvio (woot!) - and a Honda XR650L 

Chris Smith would keep his 1980 Suzuki GS450E (no surprise) and he's also keeping his Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Drifter

Phil is going to go for the...new BMW R1200RT and the Zero FX - Because WHEELIES!!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ClevelandMoto 153 Again with the Scramblers?!? Motorcycle chat and other distractions.

Johnny Chrome 
Chris Smith 
Steve Hoffert 
Johnny Mac

Hoffert gets a new Helix (and rides it to the podcast)  and he admits that he might be ok with Ducati's afterall. Now he's gotta have a Ducati 950 MultiStrada

Ok, so after about 22 minutes of "Squirrel!~?" we finally get to our topic....

Everybody's got a damned scrambler...it's gotten out of control and apparently I've been exposed to it long enough that I'm starting to want one...

The Guzzi Stornello - Normal Msrp $11,190 but you're getting $2000 off if you can find one still in stock, only 500 were released into America. You're gonna spend $9190 - But, It's an $8990 Stone with over $3500 worth of goodies on it, 2 year warranty and it's under 400 lbs wet, and it comes with Brembo's, Italian top-quality dual sport tires, arrow stainless pipe and legit ground clearance. 47 HP/ 45 Torques and a 6 gallon gas tank. Runs happily on 89 octane. 6 speed transmission and shaft drive. 

Triumph Street Scrambler $10,700 54hp 59 torques, 517 lbs. wet, And who can argue with the Triumph Marketing Program? 3.2 Gallon fuel tank, 5 speed Chain Drive transmission, 91 octane, 

$8699 For a 950cc woot!  -  3.4 Gallon tank, 550 lbs wet, 5.5" ground clearance (unoaded!)  48 hp 54 torques,  5 speed belt drive transmission. 

Ducati Desert Sled $11,395 (for the red, white is $200 more)
803cc - 55hp 50 Torques, 6 speed Chain, 456 lbs. (why so heavy?) 3.57 Gallons of 91 octane.  

Honda CL450 Price $7371 ($1035 in 1968) the grand-daddy of Scramblers
430 lbs wet. 43 Hp 41 Torques, 2.4 Gal Tank, 5 speed Chain drive. 

1972 Triumph T100c Scrambler - 2017 Price $8549 (1972 price $1199) HP38 Torque 28, 4 speed Chain, 371 Wet Weight, 2.75 Gallons of 91 octane. 

Our point is today's Scramblers aren't that different from the bikes of 40 years ago! Sure, they might have a few more HP, but they're also heavier and hopefully their reliability makes up for their added complications. 

The original Black Bomber Honda CB450

After sales weren't what they were hoping for they converted it into the CB450D

So, 50 years ago Manufacturers were doing the exact same thing they're doing today...sales are slow?  Make it a scrambler. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

GPZ's? How many vintage bikes should you own? Just the 4 of us...ClevelandMoto Motorcycle 152


What is Pro-Street?

So I guess if you're into that sort of thing....you think this is Pro-Street:

This is what we think Pro-Street is;

What happened with the Kawasaki GPZ's and why did they get so expensive>? 

Mannequin - A HD Marketing Classic? 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ClevelandMoto 151 Proof Podcast - We'd apologize, but it's just too damned funny. Motorcycles? Not tonight.

We talk follow up on the Motorcycle Show: 

Suzuki, How long are you going to trot out the LS650 Savage? This bike has been the SAME since 1986 - That's a 30 year old model. 31 HP and a Carb. No Fuel Injection?!?!

The freakin' URAL has Fuel Injection....what is going on over at Suzuki? 

I'm blowing out ALL of our in-stock Moto Guzzi V7's 

There are only a handful left. 

Johnny Mac - Comes in from his birthday with his friend "Mike" and at this point the podcast goes completely off the rails. 

We heard about a couple ladies named: 


This is a blanket apology for the last 20 minutes of this podcast. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

ClevelandMoto 148 Motorcycle Shop Tips - Pete's Going to Africa!

JUST THE TIPS - Shop tips to keep your project from getting out of control. 

Your motorcycle is NOT put together with Philips Head Fasteners...so don't use a Philips Head screwdriver to work on it...Your bike is put together with JIS Fasteners and yes, there is a difference.

We recommend getting at least a #2 Impacta  JIS and at least a set of JIS bits or basic screwdrivers. 

Always Be Knolling - WATCH THIS VIDEO 



MICROWAVE YOUR BEARINGS?!?! Are you freakin' crazy???

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Motorcycle Of The Year 2016 Clevelandmoto Podcast #147

What is YOUR bike of the year? 

Well, if you read any of these 34 publications 


You're probably noticing a trend...and $omebody is definitely telling you what motorcycle to buy.


Here's our completely unqualified opinion on what each of us thought was our bike of the year: 

John McElfresh ; The Yamaha XSR900 and he was right, with an MSRP of under $10k this seems like a LOT of bike for the $$$

Chris Smith: He's going for the Moto Guzzi MGX-21 - Yep, we do really like this bike, it violates all of the cruiser norms and I'm totally ok with that. 

Phil Waters: I really, really love the Zero DS motorcycle, and I've enjoyed riding it more than anything else...but as far as what bike I think is just a cool execution I dig this new Yamaha SCruiser 950 - or is it the SCRuiser 950? 

Johnny Chrome; Well, he was pretty clear on the fact that he was loving the Van Van 200 from Suzuki...

So, what the hell is a VAN-VAN, well, in the U.S. it was sold as the RV125 Tracker....

Now available again as the VanVan 200

And our Shop Project is to make this 1995 R100RT motorcycle into a Cafe Racer / Classic Standard