Friday, January 29, 2016

ClevelandMoto 114 Vintage Motorcycle Shows, McElfresh is sick.

Johnny Mc is in bad shape and ends up with car trouble on top of it. The guys slip back into radio announcer voice (curses). What's do you think we're gonna see at the MC show? 

Is it form or function - what kind of show is this? 

Friday, January 15, 2016

ClevelandMoto 113 Vintage Motorcycle podcast is going to the IMS motorcycle show...again.

It's warm in Cleveland...for a little while at least. 

I'm apologizing now for the Old-Timey Radio Voices...I know it gets old quick:

Here's where to get more info about the Ohio Motorcycle Show at the IX Center.

Look at me! I'm riding a Harley Davidson...

Look at me! I'm riding an electric Harley Davidson...

Look at me...I'm riding a Dryer. And having the exact same experience. 

This is a Ural Deco - Notice the lack of an Earles front fork.

This is a Ural with the proper Earles Front fork. 

This is the BMW R1200C-LC 

It actually stands for Cruiser Luxury Custom

Here's one that saw itself in a mirror and promptly killed itself. 

R1200C in the only way it's acceptable. 

The Drunken Scotsman Song...don't ever, EVER let me drive after you hear me sing this song....take my keys. 

Yes, I bought this....

1977 Yamaha XS650 Grape Chopper...

I guess I'm gonna have to start listening to the Insane Clown Posse.

Friday, January 8, 2016

ClevelandMoto 112 New Years Resolution for the Vintage Motorcycle set.

We offer up our motorcycle resolutions for 2016

Phil is back in town from his California Trip...

First off a big shout out to Vespa Motorsport aka

I had a great time with the Motorcycles and Misfits...

The Vampires Kilt Ride through San Francisco was a blast...

Each of us give our own personal Motorcycle New Years Resolutions...
Then we each give New Years Resolutions for our favorite brands. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

ClevelandMoto 111 Vintage Motorcycle Death by Hiccups.

Dustin gets the hiccups so bad he has to step away from the podcast. 

Ryan shows up in his whip...

We discuss what we would ask for for Xmas - and what would you buy with $4000 ? 

Friday, December 11, 2015

ClevelandMoto 110 Helium and Vintage Motorcycle what's new from Eicma

Ducati XDiavelS

Moto Guzzi MGX21 Flying Fortress

Friday, November 20, 2015

ClevelandMoto 108 - 400cc Bikes G400c - Ducati Sixty2 - Another Fireside Chat, vintage motorcycle goodness!

Welcome Luke (SparkyMoto) and The new Genuine G400C,

Welcome to Luke; Here's the Ad we used to hire Johnny Chrome and Luke:

-Motorcycle mechanic needed for 13 year old shop with locations on the east and west side of town. 
-You must have actual experience with vintage Japanese motorcycles and be able to prove it. 

-You will be asked to bring in your small tool box (rally box). 
-You will be asked to perform a basic mechanical service to our standards to assess your skills. 
-We are not looking for someone who "has always dreamed of working on Harleys" yes, you may work on the occasional HD, but the vast majority of bikes we work on are from Japan and other places.

-Don't bother if your idea of a custom build is $5000 worth of accessories that you bolted on "all by yourself".  
-We are not looking for "Ricky Rocket" types, stretched swingarms and nitrous is great for the track, but it's not what we do.

-If you just put a power commander on your 'Busa and now it's Hella Fast...we commend you, but you probably want to look elsewhere.  

We're looking for a guy who can do 8 billable hours of work in an 8 hour day. We're not here to train you, we don't need an apprentice, nobody is here to hold your hand. 
Motorcycle license REQUIRED !

Luke's Motorcycle kicks much ass, and basically got him hired:

The Genuine G400C 

On the left is a Honda CB450 on the Right is the G400C 

Here's the Mash 400cc Von Dutch edition. 

It's Called the MASH 400 in England: 

OH BOY - Harley Davidson actually has the D.B. Edition - Finally, truth in Advertising.

FXDB  -  Dyna Bob? or Douche Bag?  

Hello Sir, You seem like the right guy for a Harley D-B. 

Fuck Yeah!!!! D-B Power!!!!

Fluid Film is 100% Pressed Sheep -  We recommend it for anything you don't want to dissolve in the salt / slush. 

Ducati Unveils the Sixty2 400cc Scrambler

(as shown with factory skateboard holder)

TW200 makes an excellent adventure bike:

I'm getting a Garage Lift - 

There will not be so much space in MY garage.

This winter I'll be working on CT-70's

Honda VTR250 - Go Camaro - Miami Style

Was there ever a more Miami Vice paintjob?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

ClevelandMoto 106 - Painkillers - Nachos - Youtubes - Vintage motorcycles

I promise at some point we do actually start talking about motorcycles.

This is a PainKiller 

2 oz Pusser’s Rum
4 oz pineapple juice
1 oz orange juice
1 oz cream of coconut
Fresh grated nutmeg
Add liquid ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Pour into a big glass or goblet filled with ice. Grate fresh nutmeg on top and enjoy!

Shane comes over with his extremely phallic gas line head...

12 Dogs Of Christmas is the beer of the night....

BTW - is this a motorcycle podcast? Sorry, sometimes we get distracted....

Friday, October 16, 2015

Clevelandmoto 105 - Removing Ethanol - Diabeetus - Military Bikes - Epoxy - Vintage Motorcycle Chat

Removing Ethanol from gasoline, the proper way to clean a carb, and prepping for winter.

Yep, Guzzi made Army Tractors. and they were 3 wheel drive too. 

Harley Davidson MT500 - that didn't become the official US military motorcycle

The Kawasaki KLX250 that DID become the Official US Military Motorcycle

Eventually they opted for the KLR650 designated as the M1030B1 - Gas powered (as god intended). 

Then in the interest of NOT having a bunch of bullet un-friendly gasoline on the battlefield, they decided to go Diesel. Despite every ass-hat on the planet thinking they want one (I'm sick of hearing it already) the project failed and they all essentially died a horrible death. So there...quit talking about it. It was such a disaster Hayes Diversified Technologies doesn't even exist anymore. Nuff said. If you want a diesel motorcycle, you're not fascinating or clever or the first person to think about it. Even these guys couldn't make it work. 

Diaphragm Carbs - 

Yep, you're boned. You can't fix it, you're gonna have to buy another one. 

You know who you are...I've been to your totally did this just to move that thing along on're the devil and you should be punished. 

Oh, then I found a website that claims to make rebuild kits for these things. 



De-Ethanol Your Gasoline!!!


Here's the whole article on how to make it happen: