Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Don't leave your 850 Eldorado unattended on the lift

The scarves have finally arrived

Friday, January 23, 2015

ClevelandMoto 76 America....Fuck Yeah!

The "America FUCK YEAH!" episode. American motorcycles, jackets, helmets, boots....Does any of it really exist? We go to a LOT of trouble to find you awesome motorcycles and products that are made in the USA. 

JRC  Seamless from $55 (not armored) -
Fox River Seamless from $46 (not armored) -
Lee Parks design DearTours from $95 (not armored) to Armored for $135
Vanson – Engineer Gloves $109, Talon (racing) $239 -
Aerostitch – Roper $49 – DeerSports Armored $125 -
RedWing – Starting about $200 -
Chippewa – Starting around $250 -
Danner – US made starts around $250 -
Jackets and Chaps:
Vanson – Jackets start at around $500 -
Hot Leathers – Jackets starting at $300 -
Brooks – Jackets starting at $399 -
Hillside Leather – Jackets starting around $360 -
Schott – All kinds of jackets starting around $500 -
Seer Motorcycle Law Enforcement / no full face – $395 -
Simpson – Only their track/automotive helmets are made in the US, – $599 -
Diamond Gusset Defenders –$139  -
Draggin’ Jeans – $119 -

Garage Support: 

Our favorite Product from right here in the USA... METAL RESCUE 

Friday, January 16, 2015

ClevelandMoto Podcast 75 California Dreaming - Death of Cafe Racers, and Dealerships...I guess.

Is the Cafe Racer dead? Do we need dealerships anymore? We discuss these topics and more plus Phil talks about bikes he saw in California and what may be the next trend to head east.

Helicopters  -  Sure, we LOVE helicopters. 
Next time you're in Vegas check out

Yes, On my California trip I saw an Actual SYM Fighter 250 being driven on the road.

Is this what's the next FAD in motorcycles will be - the guys in LA think so....

Is this a picture from 1980, or a modern picture with "Vintage Style" rider with period correct helmet and jacket and a Instagram filter? 

Not my opinion - but a few funny lines. 

Do we really need to have dealers anymore? Tesla doesn't think so....

Go to Catalina Island, take the bus'll be impressed.

Dustin gets a little grumpy at the end of the podcast.

Friday, January 9, 2015

ClevelandMoto Podcast74 - What are you excited about this year?

I'm catching up from falling behind around the holidays. In this episode we talk about some of the crazy motorcycles currently being offered by the major brands paying close attention to the ones that didn't make the cut in the US market.

Here are your podcasters with Mrs. Smith's Cranberry moonshine. Steve Hofert on the Left, Johnny Chrome, Chris Smith (Furry Hat), Dustin Elliott, Phil Waters. 

Steve buys a Honda Vt1100 Touring Shadow that got hit by a deer...

What bike are you excited about this year? 

Because we're having a little trouble getting excited about stuff like this; that where it's gonna be, or has it already jumped the shark? 

I just don't know if I'm hipster enough for this bike. 

ClevelandMoto Podcast73 Nazi Chainsaws, Tank bags and wacky Brits.

We discuss some crazy the new Norton Dominator, the Hesketh 24, and just those crazy Brits in general.

We have a Blue Lace Project Winner! 

Yay Marco!!!

Here is my story as to why I should get those damn laces. Take a journey with me into a fantastical and whimsical world. Lets begin.
Preface: Back when I bought my first house, I didn't have any money left, so I bought the cheapest lawn mower I could find. My reasoning was: "If I can keep old Japanese motorcycles running, a stupid lawn mower wont be an issue." Well this lawn mower is an issue, it rarely starts on the first pull, so on the rare occasion that I do get it started in the first pull, I feel like a bad ass. For some reason, my brain is challenged, and somehow, it expects everyone else in the world to know this. Also, after getting hit in the face numerous times for being an ass, my nose never bleeds (this comes into play a little while later)
The year, was 2013. As another shitty and cold Indiana winter was coming to an end, it was finally time to cut the grass for the first time. I had gotten all the necessary supplies (beer and gas). And the lawn mower was almost ready. After a good couple of hours of morning drinking and dreading the task at hand, I finally decided to step out into the wild that was my lawn, and do the deed. After all, once that was done, I could go into the garage, continue drinking and wave some tools around in the fashion that I have since begun calling "Working on bikes."
I walk over to the lawn mower, giving myself the little pep-talk that I always give myself before trying to start that magnificent piece of shit, when out of the corner of my eye, a simply astonishing girl catches my eye. It looks like she is out for her mid-day jog, or running away from the worlds slowest serial killer, in the tightest set of clothing that man has ever created. She is running towards me, and gives me a little smile.
Feeling the confidence of me earlier beers, that smile and my little pep-talk, I grab the mower's pull string thinking that if I get it started in one pull, I will impress the pants off of Ms. Tight Pants, and for some reason still unbeknownst to me, pull that fucker as hard as I can towards my face. Well as it so happens, it was about that time that the lawn mower pull cord had had enough of my shit and promptly breaks, sending my fist on an unstoppable voyage towards the center of my face.
Feeling that all to familiar pain in my nose and hunch over in pain. I hear her laughing, so I think to myself "Hey, I made her laugh, that's always the first step right?" and stand up, in an attempt to recover from my dumbassery. Her laughter quickly turns to horror and she speeds off, never to be seen again. In the 5-10 seconds that it took me to recover from punching myself in the face, 10 years of built up nose bleeds had all of a sudden decided to let go and my face and shirt were COVERED in blood.
Needless to say, I didn't get her number.
Right about now youre thinking "Thats hilarous, but what the hell does this have to do with blue laces?" well, you see, I never replaced the pull cord, just tied the handle where it broke. Prevent me this further suffering, and send me the longest pair of those laces that you have. Ill put them on my lawn mower, and the ladies will be all over me because I have a lawn mower with a blue pull cord, AND I dont punch myself in the face anymore!
See you guys at The Thaw!
-Marco "Prospect"

ELEFANTENTREFFEN - Can you handle the cold? 


You should have one...but how big can you go? 

This bad-boy will hold 33 Liters!!!

Sure, I've got $60,000 to drop on a v-twin bike I won't want to order parts for (UK shipping). 

$24,000 isn't all that bad to get on a it? 

British Royal Inbreeding? Yeah, it's a thing.

The Nazi NSU 2 Cylinder Chainsaw...yes, it's a thing. 

2 stroke, 2 cylinder and meant to cut down really big trees.

Friday, December 12, 2014

ClevelamMoto Podcast 72

In this episode discuss great gift ideas for the motorcyclists in the family. Snow tires anyone?

Friday, November 28, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 71

Tonight Phil and Emmy talk a lot about their trip to the west cost with a giant trailer full of motorcycles for sale. Plus air bag jackets and new KTM 390's. A major shout out to the folks at the ReCycle Santa Cruz and the Motorcycles and Misfits podcast. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 70

Topics include The Ducati Scrambler, The 300HP Ninja H2R, more recall woes for Harley, and the Ultra Motor Group gets caught selling stolen custom bikes as brand new custom motorcycles.
Steve tells us about his 1700+ mile trip on his Piaggio Scooter.
Cheap beer can be good beer
Deciphering your Harley Davidson Model Number
How stolen is that big twin you're thinking about buying?
Sorry for all the crinkle-ing - Funyuns are delicious.

Friday, October 10, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 69

We discuss Chinese Bikes with a focus on the California Scooter Company's new 250 ADV bike. Also, what to do after a crash.

Friday, October 3, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 68

Topics in this episode include: How many people does it take to break into a Trans Am? Dan Dee Corn Twistees are the best with Funyuns coming in a close second. Winter is coming, Fall riding, and a huge Honda recall.

Friday, September 12, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 67

Topics include Track days, windshields, the new Indian Scout, and how much is that $500 Craigslist motorcycle really going to end up costing you.
The Indian Scout - Well, do you love it, or hate it? 

How's that for a ClevelandMoto Logo? 
This is coming soon to a T-shirt near you...well, once winter sets in.

Friday, September 5, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 66 Tandem Johns.

Time to talk about pod filters and other "performance" mods that make your bike run worse. Insert sound effect of can of worms opening. We explain in layman's terms (profane) why your performance might suffer.

Header Wrap? Should I try it?

Smells Delicious!!!

HID lights and overdriving your Voltage Regulator

We talk about our podcast winners - Great job guys!

Friday, August 29, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast Episode 65

Topics include the clevelandmoto logo contest submissions, header wrap, and more

Chris Smith brings us some delicious dried meats - yowza!

ClevelandMoto Podcast Logo Winners are:

First Place:
K. McDaniel

You Win a Tourmaster Jacket or ANY Fulmer helmet of your choice. 

Second Place: 
You win a Fulmer Stealth Jacket. 
T. Cummings

Very Honorable Mention:
Tristan Smith - You win our eternal respect and you can pick out the HCI Helmet of your Choice. 

Mods Vs. Rockers Cleveland was an epic success...Much thanks to all the sponsors, Mill St. Brewery went over the top with these fantastic kickstand plates that kept the bikes upright at all the venues...even if their riders weren't so upright.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast Episode 64

Is the term "Budget bike" over used? What size should your first bike be? And the return of Dr. Merritt Waters? Plus we talk about some amazing products by Agostini,

Friday, August 1, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 63

Double wammy today! I'm just trying to get caught up here folks. Enjoy this extra podcast.