Friday, September 16, 2016

ClevelandMoto 132 What WON'T YOU RIDE??? Zero Motorcycle Makes The Hof into a Hooligan -

Zero Electric Motorcycle makes Steve into a Scofflaw. 

What motorcycle won't you ride....seriously... think about it. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

ClevelandMoto 131 AMA VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE DAYS - Straight from the Bus!


We've got the guys from Metal Rescue in the Bus, Larry and Adri are here from BCF Cycle and Liza and Nak are on-board from the Motorcycles and Misfits podcast....Click on the link and hold on to your beer extra tight.

How We roll - There's 8 bikes in there....somewhere. 

Sure, I'll trade you a '84 Tri-Moto for a '72 RV125 - Both are essentially the same 2 stroke engine!

Can I trade you a Ct70 and $200 for your TDM850? I guess so...

Johnny Chrome does a BEERRUN! I think that was 4 cases, 3 bags of ice and snacks. 

This is what it looked like when we got home and unloaded...

Monday, August 1, 2016

Clevelandmoto ZERO Motorcycles are HERE!!! 130 BIG FUN!!!!

and we couldn't be happier....

And we didn't wait long to start hoonin' around on it...

ClevelandMoto Gets Weird! Exploring some odd bikes. Episode 129

We rode some bikes tonight....

We talk about the Honda CTX700 - Will it wheelie? I guess it will smoke the rear tire. Overall, we're not all that impressed. Sorry Honda....we usually like your stuff...but this one's pretty boring. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

ClevelandMoto BMW's Choppers and Eco-Friendly podcast 126 motorcycle

ClevelandMoto Nautical Motorcycle Podcast 125 "On a Boat!!!!"

Steve has let us invade his boat!!!

Tonights ride is the Moto Guzzi Roamer

Cleveland Moto 124 What is your LEAST favorite motorcycle? Auction Sniping and Shill bidding.

Sean Bilovecky shows up on his brand new Triumph Street Twin. We're watching the "Greasy Hands Preachers at the Spotted Owl" next week for our first "Moto and Movies" night. 

Cam buys a new Harley 883 Hugger - 

Monday, May 2, 2016

ClevelandMoto 123 Motorcycle Tequila and other fun...

Tequila Night - Brought to you by Anejo Peligroso Reposado Black - Good Stuff!

Working on Hydraulic Clutches....grrrr. 

But, we'll tell you what's going on. 

We're going to AMA Vintage Days with Nak and Liza from the Motorcycles And Misfits podcast!

ClevelandMoto Stranahans whiskey and Motorcycle talk #122

Tonights Podcast was fueled (and Ruined) By Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey - Wow...Delicious

ClevelandMoto Motorcycle 121 Snow...Damn. Welcome to Cameron.

It's snowing in Mid-April - And we're not the least bit happy about it, we're well into our move-into our new shop. 

The official introduction of Cameron Vanderhorst from the Cammed and Tubbed podcast. He's a young fella, don't hate on him too hard. 

Buying a Ninja 250 on principal. 

ClevelandMoto Motorcycle 120 - Bro' Deals...who haven't I sold a bike to?

Our Friend Darren Pakravan guest stars from Chicago...

Talking about his BMW airhead he's selling. 

                                 Bro' Deals - if you have to probably don't deserve it. 

How loud is your bike? Do you neighbors approve? 

If you drink summer shandy in your right hand and Christmas Ale in your left hand will you explode? 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

ClevelandMoto Podcast 119 Our New Home Cleveland Moto

The first Podcast from our new shop. 

Did somebody say "Buffer Rodeo"? 

Our Tribute to the Yamaha XS-650

The Yamaha XS650 is a mid-size motorcycle made by Yamaha Motor Company. The standard model was introduced in 1968 and produced through 1979. The "Special" cruiser model was introduced in 1978 and produced through 1985. The XS650 began with the 1955 Hosk SOHC 500 twin. After about 10 years of producing 500 twin, Hosk engineers designed a 650 cc twin. Later the Hosk company was acquired by Showa Corporation, and in 1960 Yamaha had bought Showa with Hosk's early design of 650 cc twin.[1]
When the Yamaha XS 650 was launched in 1968 it had one of the most advanced engines in its class of large parallel twin motorcycles. The engine and gearboxare unit construction with the crankcase split horizontally for ease of assembly whereas almost all contemporaries in its class in 1968 are either unit construction with a vertically split crankcase or pre-unit construction with separate engine and gearbox.

The cool thing about the XS-650 is you can do damn near anything with it:



Cafe Racer

Off Road - Scrambler

Custom ?!?!

Or, the one that Johnny Chrome actually owned: 

ClevelandMoto Podcast 118 The Iphone experiment

Today we recorded our podcast on my Iphone. 

The big news is our friends at PORCO Lounge and Tiki Room WIN the Miami Tiki Competition!

Yep, I'll admit it...I like Victory Motorcycles:

The Octane looks great and I think it's a better scout. 

Thanks to John Henry from the Ohio chapter of the Moto Guzzi National Owners Club

He brought us an excellent growler of beer from

The Chardon Brew Works 

Friday, February 19, 2016

ClevelandMoto 115 Vintage Motorcycle Podcast Bikers who say Siemens a LOT!

Genuine Motorcycle Company misses the beginning of the 2016 riding / selling season. 

Looks like we're going to be waiting until August to test ride this fun little bike. Grrrr.

Oh wait, sorry, that's a picture of a Honda CB400SS - Doesn't matter, Honda paid Shineray to build it.  We're looking forward to this bike more than is rational. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

ClevelandMoto 114 Vintage Motorcycle Shows, McElfresh is sick.

Johnny Mc is in bad shape and ends up with car trouble on top of it. The guys slip back into radio announcer voice (curses). What's do you think we're gonna see at the MC show? 

Is it form or function - what kind of show is this? 

Friday, January 15, 2016

ClevelandMoto 113 Vintage Motorcycle podcast is going to the IMS motorcycle show...again.

It's warm in Cleveland...for a little while at least. 

I'm apologizing now for the Old-Timey Radio Voices...I know it gets old quick:

Here's where to get more info about the Ohio Motorcycle Show at the IX Center.

Look at me! I'm riding a Harley Davidson...

Look at me! I'm riding an electric Harley Davidson...

Look at me...I'm riding a Dryer. And having the exact same experience. 

This is a Ural Deco - Notice the lack of an Earles front fork.

This is a Ural with the proper Earles Front fork. 

This is the BMW R1200C-LC 

It actually stands for Cruiser Luxury Custom

Here's one that saw itself in a mirror and promptly killed itself. 

R1200C in the only way it's acceptable. 

The Drunken Scotsman Song...don't ever, EVER let me drive after you hear me sing this song....take my keys. 

Yes, I bought this....

1977 Yamaha XS650 Grape Chopper...

I guess I'm gonna have to start listening to the Insane Clown Posse.