Friday, May 22, 2015

ClevelandMoto 90 We've got a BUS!!!

Dyna beads, fresh tires, and the ClevelandMoto bus is now a reality!

2000 BlueBird with a Cummins 24v 6 cylinder. Seats 24!!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

ClevelandMoto 89 SPRING!!! and those DAMN POD FILTERS!!!!

We clear up some details on the mid Ohio challenge, dig deeper into the bus project, discuss spring and summer events, and oh yeah, what's a podcast with some talk on POD

Steve buys a Craigslist NX700 - It's quiet, smooth and has no upper rev range...perfect for Steve! He finally has a bike that gets better mileage than his collection of Hybrid cars.

Craigslist Racer

Airbox Removed
Rims painted black 
BumStop seat 
Ace Clubman bars
no fenders (no fork brace!)
Mufflers removed and replaced with Kielbasa
Has the words "Cafe Racer" in the listing. 
Has a stack of receipts from DimeSitySycles or Ebay

Read the print on the side of the EMGO air filter box VERY carefully....
The bottom image does a great job of showing you exactly why this doesn't work so well. 

You'll notice this motorcycle does NOT have CV carbs

You'll notice this motorcycle does NOT have CV carbs...
Need we say more? 

Could this be appearing at a Rally or Event near you????

Well, you can make that happen: 

send $20 - $50 - or $100 to:
HYDROLOCK!!! - What's it gonna cost you?

The solution - Have a PROPER fuel tap installed and REMEMBER to use it. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

ClevelandMoto Podcast 88 Is my motorcycle club a gang?

A very lengthy discussion on the differences between a MC (Motorcycle Club) and a RC (Riders Club).

This is an example of a traditional MC Club Patch Display

ClevelandMoto Podcast 87 - Porco Challenge - Dustin Crashes the XT350

We set a new record in the Porco Challenge, Dustin crashes the hell out of the Yamaha XT350.

The new winner of the ClevelandMoto Porco Challenge - 14 minutes Moto Guzzi Californa 1400 Touring. 

Yamaha Midnight Special

Probably my least favorite motorcycle ever. 
Fat girl seat
Swayback horse frame
buckhorn handlebars

Amanda and her new Yamaha FZ-07 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

ClevelandMoto 85 Rusty Buckets and the Mid Ohio Challenge

We talk about the Rusty Bucket Race, the Mid-Ohio challenge, and why the heck did Ducati take peoples money for the new Scrambler when they can't seem to get it to market.

You gotta go here to find out more -

Friday, April 3, 2015

ClevelandMoto 84 Honda Bulldog 400 / Chain maintenance / Aggressive Clothing

Today we discuss motorcycle chains, the Honda Bulldog 400 and spring time riding.


$100 for a flannel shirt, I guess if it's got armor in it...


Speed and Strength
Seek and DESTROY
Cruice Missile
All on one, you're dangerous. 


Honda’s not pulling any punches with its concept offerings at the Osaka Motorcyle Show.
Is the Bulldog actually a Ruckus injected with performance-enhancing drugs?
Seriously, put the two side-by-side and you’ll immediately notice their similarities, most specifically the Wall-E-inspired win headlamps at the front and the high-rising side mirrors. But for the most part, the Ruckus and the Bulldog are two different bikes with the latter being touted as a lovable touring partner," whatever that means.
That said, the Bulldog is a pretty cool, albeit a little funky concept, and that may be putting it lightly. So say what you will about Honda, but as the Bulldog shows you, the company still knows how to have some fun with some of its prototypes.

This is a SNAIL adjuster

This is a threaded rod chain adjuster

Adjusting your chain....the easy way. Really, it works. 

An EXCELLENT guide to maintaining your chain. 

A very friendly guide to breaking and installing  a new master link on your chain:


Friday, March 27, 2015

ClevelandMoto Podcast 83 Bikes That Changed The Industry

We talk about game changing motorcycles and also a few that failed, plus various automatic transmission motorcycles.

Friday, March 20, 2015

ClevelandMoto 82 Go Mexico! Oscar from Tijuana guest stars.

This podcast deals with motorcycling abroad and what you should do to plan ahead for it. With our special guest Oscar from Tijuana, Mexico.

Crossing the border into Tijuana with the folks from Motorsport Scooters in San Diego. 

Running along the coast heading North in San Felipe we discovered a SCORE offroad race. Those trucks and buggies are passing us at 75+ in the dirt. 

This is Los Pelicanos Resort in Rosarita, $23 / night gets you the suite. 

The Mexican Army checkpoint was not too impressed with the M240 machine gun barrels that were mounted to Raven's bike. 

Surf & Turf Puerto Nuevo style...this dinner was $12 and they didn't charge us for the first few rounds of frozen margaritas. 

Topes - This is the official "SLOW DOWN" sign. You'll probably get air. 

And of course...The ZONKEY!!!!

ClevelandMoto 81 Best First Motorcycle and Cops

Dealing with cops, how far can you stray from the owners manual and our person takes on what could be the one perfect first motorcycle.

SPOILER!!!! - The SV650 is our favorite "does everything" entry level motorcycle. 

Merritt obviously thinks so, at 5'4" tall she fits it perfectly. 

The Wolf 150 from SYM and the CBR250R are excellent "absolute beginner" bikes, but are they enough to do EVERYTHING? 

What to do when you get pulled over? Please comment with your best tactics...

Friday, March 6, 2015

ClevedMoto 80 - Tires and Waking up your bike.

Tires how do they work? Also since spring is on the way we discuss the proper techniques for waking up you bikes from winter storage.

Click above for EVERYTHING you'll ever need to know about motorcycle tires.

Should we do a Kickstarter to buy and set up a ClevelandMoto Motorhome / Remote recording / Drinking Studio? 

You're probably thinking something like this....

It will probably end up more like this...

Or probably, more realistically...this:

Send us $1 to AT 
If we actually get $100 in donations I will start up an actual kickstarter for this...

I mean seriously....these idiots have gotten over $12,000 for a stupid straw....

At least you'll be able to get drunk, sound all knowledgeable, and probably pass out in our bad idea.