Monday, May 2, 2016

ClevelandMoto 123 Motorcycle Tequila and other fun...

Tequila Night - Brought to you by Anejo Peligroso Reposado Black - Good Stuff!

Working on Hydraulic Clutches....grrrr. 

But, we'll tell you what's going on. 

We're going to AMA Vintage Days with Nak and Liza from the Motorcycles And Misfits podcast!

ClevelandMoto Stranahans whiskey and Motorcycle talk #122

Tonights Podcast was fueled (and Ruined) By Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey - Wow...Delicious

ClevelandMoto Motorcycle 121 Snow...Damn. Welcome to Cameron.

It's snowing in Mid-April - And we're not the least bit happy about it, we're well into our move-into our new shop. 

The official introduction of Cameron Vanderhorst from the Cammed and Tubbed podcast. He's a young fella, don't hate on him too hard. 

Buying a Ninja 250 on principal. 

ClevelandMoto Motorcycle 120 - Bro' Deals...who haven't I sold a bike to?

Our Friend Darren Pakravan guest stars from Chicago...

Talking about his BMW airhead he's selling. 

                                 Bro' Deals - if you have to probably don't deserve it. 

How loud is your bike? Do you neighbors approve? 

If you drink summer shandy in your right hand and Christmas Ale in your left hand will you explode?