Friday, August 29, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast Episode 65

Topics include the clevelandmoto logo contest submissions, header wrap, and more

Chris Smith brings us some delicious dried meats - yowza!

ClevelandMoto Podcast Logo Winners are:

First Place:
K. McDaniel

You Win a Tourmaster Jacket or ANY Fulmer helmet of your choice. 

Second Place: 
You win a Fulmer Stealth Jacket. 
T. Cummings

Very Honorable Mention:
Tristan Smith - You win our eternal respect and you can pick out the HCI Helmet of your Choice. 

Mods Vs. Rockers Cleveland was an epic success...Much thanks to all the sponsors, Mill St. Brewery went over the top with these fantastic kickstand plates that kept the bikes upright at all the venues...even if their riders weren't so upright.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast Episode 64

Is the term "Budget bike" over used? What size should your first bike be? And the return of Dr. Merritt Waters? Plus we talk about some amazing products by Agostini,

Friday, August 1, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 63

Double wammy today! I'm just trying to get caught up here folks. Enjoy this extra podcast.

ClevelandMoto Podcast 62

In this episode Phil recaps the good times had at this years Band Camp scooter rally and we talk about electric motorcycles. Would you ride one?