Friday, October 16, 2015

Clevelandmoto 105 - Removing Ethanol - Diabeetus - Military Bikes - Epoxy - Vintage Motorcycle Chat

Removing Ethanol from gasoline, the proper way to clean a carb, and prepping for winter.

Yep, Guzzi made Army Tractors. and they were 3 wheel drive too. 

Harley Davidson MT500 - that didn't become the official US military motorcycle

The Kawasaki KLX250 that DID become the Official US Military Motorcycle

Eventually they opted for the KLR650 designated as the M1030B1 - Gas powered (as god intended). 

Then in the interest of NOT having a bunch of bullet un-friendly gasoline on the battlefield, they decided to go Diesel. Despite every ass-hat on the planet thinking they want one (I'm sick of hearing it already) the project failed and they all essentially died a horrible death. So there...quit talking about it. It was such a disaster Hayes Diversified Technologies doesn't even exist anymore. Nuff said. If you want a diesel motorcycle, you're not fascinating or clever or the first person to think about it. Even these guys couldn't make it work. 

Diaphragm Carbs - 

Yep, you're boned. You can't fix it, you're gonna have to buy another one. 

You know who you are...I've been to your totally did this just to move that thing along on're the devil and you should be punished. 

Oh, then I found a website that claims to make rebuild kits for these things. 



De-Ethanol Your Gasoline!!!


Here's the whole article on how to make it happen: 

Friday, October 2, 2015

ClevelandMoto 104 - Lithiums, Wheelies and Dustin coughs up a lung. Vintage motorcycle power talk

Lithium Batteries - can they really take the POWER that your bike is putting out?

Optimate makes an excellent device for checking your battery in both a running and cranking state, and it's not expensive. For $39 you can buy this guage and eliminate all doubt.

If you want a Charger you can use on just about any battery, I strongly recommend the Optimate 4 for Non-commercial use. This will resurrect a battery that is on the way out. 

Charging at over 14.4 Volts ? Even for a little while? 

OUTLAW RIDAZ - Here's an article from the Cleveland Scene Magazine:

OPERATION RABBIT hopes to curb their enthusiasms...