Friday, October 2, 2015

ClevelandMoto 104 - Lithiums, Wheelies and Dustin coughs up a lung. Vintage motorcycle power talk

Lithium Batteries - can they really take the POWER that your bike is putting out?

Optimate makes an excellent device for checking your battery in both a running and cranking state, and it's not expensive. For $39 you can buy this guage and eliminate all doubt.

If you want a Charger you can use on just about any battery, I strongly recommend the Optimate 4 for Non-commercial use. This will resurrect a battery that is on the way out. 

Charging at over 14.4 Volts ? Even for a little while? 

OUTLAW RIDAZ - Here's an article from the Cleveland Scene Magazine:

OPERATION RABBIT hopes to curb their enthusiasms...

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