Friday, September 18, 2015

ClevelandMoto 103 - Love Affairs - Check Engine - Vintage Motorcycles and men who love them.

We go around the room and each discuss a bike we love and a bike we hate and the reasons why for each.

What do you do when you see the word URGENT along with a Check engine or Warning light? 

Johnny Chrome What is your FAVORITE motorcycle? 
He's sticking to what he actually owns - Any shovelhead 4 speed with a swingarm. 

It's a pretty versatile could do what you see up there or down here....

What does Johnny Chrome Hate? 

Anything from China apparently: 

But he also doesn't care much for the Yamaha GTS1000 with the trick center hub steering...

Steve really, really loves the BMW R5 - Yep, we completely agree with you;

But, he also LOVES himself a PC800 (so do I) 

What does Steve hate....? This oughta be good.....

Honda CM400C - yep, for all the reasons listed...The CX650C is pretty awful too. 

Chris Smith cheated and brought a whole list Mrs. Smith grabbed off the internet...but what is worthy on the list is the Gilera Rondine Supercharged

What do you hate, Chris? The Suzuki / Wankel Rotary RE5 


The Honda GT650 Hawk

And he absolutely HATES the Misfit 250: 

With a runner up being ANY Sportster !?!? C'mon...even this one....

It's pretty cool - 

Phil's Favorite Motorcycle is: The KJ Henderson Art Deco from 1936

My Least favorite Motorcycle is the Yamaha Venture Royal Star - Ever wonder where the name Royal Star came from? Well, this is it. I HATE THIS MOTORCYCLE. 

Paul Smart Replica Ducatis are Lovely, but they hurt my body. 

I've learned that my practical favorite bike is the one already in my Garage....I love my GB500

Dustin and I are in agreement that a rational bike to lust after is the Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 in the Tenni Livery: 

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