Sunday, June 18, 2017

ClevelandMoto 162 Outside in front of the shop. Historical plates, titles, meeting listeners.

Joe stops in after buying my BMW R50/5 motorcycle. 

Need a title, historical plates etc. We cover the hell out of it. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

ClevelandMoto 161 BRAKE CLINIC - We take the RX3 Chinese Adv Bike for a ride.

Well, i wouldn't want to race anything, and I don't think I will be taking on anything resembling REAL off-road. But it's better than I thought,  

$4200 to the owners door....what else can you get for that money? 

2011 V-strom 650 $3999

It's worth more now, and it will be worth more in 4 years. 


Our suspension clinic was so popular we decided to set you up with a bunch of information on brakes 

Here's a good website that covers everything we talk about in this podcast. 

ClevelandMoto 160 Reviving a bike that has been sitting - Live from the Shop!

Tonight we are in the service department working on a free motorcycle...let's see how deep we're getting screwed...

This is how she showed up...2003 Yamaha TTR125L 

Not running, no title, the owner can't tell me when it ran last, but "someone had the top-end off, and said the motor was shot". 

This is a spark plug gauge - these things are awesome for diagnosing a weak spark. 

Here's the crew with Tegan (the young guy in the back).