Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cleveland Moto Podcast Episode 1


  1. I am really enjoying this podcast. What really makes it work is not only the depth of knowledge and experience the panel members have but also the chemistry between them. I read my fair share of cycle/scooter magazines but I'm learning far more from these podcasts than I ever would reading articles in magazines! Obviously there are some great gear heads here but Merritt, the sole female of the group, throws in some interesting perspectives that tap into the motivations of people in the industry as new products are developed. I'm a regular subscriber to better than 25 podcasts and Cleveland Moto has now taken the top ranking of them all. Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge, unique observations, and creating a most valuable and fantastic podcast! Keith

  2. I just downloaded all of your podcasts to my ipod to listen on my way to work. I met some of you guys at the IX center bike expo and was blown away with your booth. My buddy had a bike there (1945 Harley) and I am always excited to meet others that have similar ideas about biking. I have only been riding for about 6 years but it is still great to meet others that do not feel that you need to dump a ton of cash into a bike just to get on the road. I have a 1972 Honda CB350 K4 Supersport that I had hardtailed into a nice little chopper (bobber?). I am not a biker by far but I do enjoy the scene. I do not care for the Quaker Shake crowd as they usually turn away from people like me who are not into Harleys. I'd love to meet up for one of your rides that you were talking about and I am eager to bring some other of my like-minded friends along. Back to the podcast. Great job! I love the conversations and I think that this podcast is not only entertaining but informative as well. Quesion: What are your thoughts on the current standings of up and coming motorcycle companies like Exile, Sucker Punch Sally's, Flyrite, etc. Do you think that the industry is going back to the early days when there was a large insurgence of small companies popping up everywhere? Who do you think will be the next big motorcycle company? Do you think that you could do a tips and tricks segment where you talk about common issues that riders my find on their older bikes? Or maybe you could talk about good places to get parts for your old bike like Rusty Riders or other such places where folks could go to get parts for their rides. I like that you endorse cheaper bikes over getting a newer bike especally if you are a new rider as you could get more knowledge out of repairing and riding you machine as opposed to taking it to a repair shop. What about talking about older bikes that you think would be a great beginner bike for cheap and then what to look for what buying that back yard jem. Great job all around, hope to meet you all in person soon!