Friday, May 25, 2012

Podcast 5.25.12

More motorcycle chat with Phil and Dustin. Click on the picture to listen.


  1. Great podcast! Just a quick comment on HarborFreight. One of our Cafe club members ordered the wheel truing stand, so we could lace our own. We wondered just how "true" it would be. He got it, set it up, and found out the "axle" used on the stand was bent. He called Harbor, and the customer service guy, said he would just send him a whole 'nuther stand! Now that's some service! -Fat Tony (The Scarabs)

  2. Guys,

    You asked for questions. Try this:

    Given the popularity of the CB350 and its siblings and your obvious familiarity of this classic, could you discuss how it compares to CL350 Scrambler, or something like Yamaha RD400? I'm thinking in terms of reliability as a daily user, availability of parts, the fun factor and whatever else that pops to mind.

    And if you run out of things to say, how about spreading the scope from the 350s or 400s to tiddlers starting at 125.