Friday, January 24, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 1.18.14

And yet another information packed podcast. In this episode we talk about many different "kits" you can buy to give an existing bike a totally different look.

Here are the links to the various kits we talked about:

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Here's a link to the Armored Shirt that I own - It's called the "Impact Rig"


  1. Saw an armoured shirt today with a zipper in the front like a jacket. Seemed like the perfect solution. With your podcast playing in the shop I did a partial RYCA type build of a $500, 86' S40. Well actually there were 3 versions of this bike. See blog http:\\
    Thanks, great podcast.

  2. Wait, you just tried to enforce your will on us by telling us not to enforce our will on others.....