Friday, September 12, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 67

Topics include Track days, windshields, the new Indian Scout, and how much is that $500 Craigslist motorcycle really going to end up costing you.
The Indian Scout - Well, do you love it, or hate it? 

How's that for a ClevelandMoto Logo? 
This is coming soon to a T-shirt near you...well, once winter sets in.


  1. Thanks for mentioning Blue Collar Bobbers, I am currently watching their build videos. They are an affordable option to building a modern, and reliable cafe style bike. It seems like they may be good for those with out a lot of build experience. I am looking forward to using these guys for my for first "project" bike.

  2. Guys-great podcast-but I have to question your story on the HID. As far as the problem with that particular Honda goes, I am willing to bet he had installed a cheap 55 or 100 watt HID. For the same amount of light output, a 35watt HID will use less power than a 55watt halogen headlight. You do get a power surge at startup, but per lumen you will use less power with an HID setup. This is a common problem with canbus equipped BMW's- the canbus will shut down the circuit because the draw is below what the canbus wants to see.
    A cheap Chinese 100watt HID will draw more power and overwhelm the Hondas electrical system, but a quality 35watt HID will actually free up a few watts. Check it out.

  3. Keep up the good work and beer drinking. Look forward to listening each podcast. Give me something to masticate on!