Friday, May 8, 2015

ClevelandMoto 89 SPRING!!! and those DAMN POD FILTERS!!!!

We clear up some details on the mid Ohio challenge, dig deeper into the bus project, discuss spring and summer events, and oh yeah, what's a podcast with some talk on POD

Steve buys a Craigslist NX700 - It's quiet, smooth and has no upper rev range...perfect for Steve! He finally has a bike that gets better mileage than his collection of Hybrid cars.

Craigslist Racer

Airbox Removed
Rims painted black 
BumStop seat 
Ace Clubman bars
no fenders (no fork brace!)
Mufflers removed and replaced with Kielbasa
Has the words "Cafe Racer" in the listing. 
Has a stack of receipts from DimeSitySycles or Ebay

Read the print on the side of the EMGO air filter box VERY carefully....
The bottom image does a great job of showing you exactly why this doesn't work so well. 

You'll notice this motorcycle does NOT have CV carbs

You'll notice this motorcycle does NOT have CV carbs...
Need we say more? 

Could this be appearing at a Rally or Event near you????

Well, you can make that happen: 

send $20 - $50 - or $100 to:
HYDROLOCK!!! - What's it gonna cost you?

The solution - Have a PROPER fuel tap installed and REMEMBER to use it. 

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  1. I wish you had more information about the bike, it seems very interesting.