Friday, August 7, 2015

ClevelandMoto 99 - Monster Cast - Vintage motorcycle talk for the masses.

We've got a hell of crew in the garage today: Dustin, James, Merritt, Phil and Johnny Chrome. Very spirited conversation and as usual, we're all over the place...Merritt always fires things up. 

The Rusty Buckeye challenge is coming up in a few months. We discuss more details plus Phil has some titled $500 bikes to offer anyone interested in joining

This is what the Mustang motorcycle looks like:

Chris Smith does a call-in to tell us about crashing his Moto Guzzi in West Virginia. His knee is buggered up, but the bike is fine. 

Lane Splitting? Tail Gating? Getting sprayed with winshield washer fluid....maybe i'd better slow my roll. 

And Vintage Top Gear - Lambretta Vs. Ferrari F40

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