Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ClevelandMoto 151 Proof Podcast - We'd apologize, but it's just too damned funny. Motorcycles? Not tonight.

We talk follow up on the Motorcycle Show: 

Suzuki, How long are you going to trot out the LS650 Savage? This bike has been the SAME since 1986 - That's a 30 year old model. 31 HP and a Carb. No Fuel Injection?!?!

The freakin' URAL has Fuel Injection....what is going on over at Suzuki? 

I'm blowing out ALL of our in-stock Moto Guzzi V7's 

There are only a handful left. 

Johnny Mac - Comes in from his birthday with his friend "Mike" and at this point the podcast goes completely off the rails. 

We heard about a couple ladies named: 


This is a blanket apology for the last 20 minutes of this podcast. 

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  1. Holy crap! This podcast derails and closes in a spectacular fireball!! ... I mean that as a compliment.