Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Guzzis are Here!

The v7 and v7 Cafe Racer arrived today - come ind and check them out. The Griso and red v7 come in tomorrow.


  1. Another good podcast, thank you. Can you cover some more detail on the cam problems with the 80's Honda Intercepters? I wanted one of these back in the day. I just rehabed an 85 Ninja 600 and want to move to an Intercepter.

  2. Well I guess so much for the comment that as soon as a dealer becomes a Moto Guzzi dealer they go out of bussiness! LoL!!!
    These are great bikes!

  3. It's terrifying, to have such a cool bike, but you can never get enough of them from the manufacturer, so the people who buy them early are super-happy, but then everyone else is pissed because you ran out. They just don't build enough of these....ever.

    1. The problem is when Aprilia purchased them they made way too many, and the market crashed. Thats why up til about a year ago you could still get a new old stock 06,07 unit still with a 2 year factory warranty. From what I understand they are building speculation bike for the ones that sell well like the V7 variants. Other units are made to order and if you miss the production cycle for that particular model you will have to wait til next year. Guzzisti are a weird lot. They don't mind wrenching on their own bikes for the most part.
      I don't know if would suggest any Italian bike to someone as a first bike, especially if they don't do thier own wrenching as has been pointed out many times the dealer network sucks. There are a handful of really good dealers and its a shame Piaggio is making it harder for all dealers to support the brand. These are really good well thought out bikes. The value is there but it has to be pointed out. Not many multi-brand dealers are willing to "sell" a Guzzi when Triumphs, Yamahas are self explanitory.