Thursday, April 12, 2012

Podcast 4.12.12

Discussions about future classics and some news about the recently announced "Mods vs. Rockers" rally at this years AMA Vintage Days at Mid Ohio.


  1. You guys were talking about Cafe Racer magazine. Did you ever notice how bad the overall design of the magazine is? I have a subscription because I enjoy the content, but damn it rapes my eyes.

    Another thing I notice about cafe racer geared businesses is that when they offer up merch, mainly tees, that the designs are horrible! Why am I typing this? I don't know. Just food for thought. Being that I design merch for a living (major label bands and sports companies) I'm critical of it. It's like they just slap any crappy design that they created in MS Word onto a tee and roll with it. I'm rambling...and drunk.

  2. The reason why your iTunes rankings are so low is because in the description of your podcast it says, "Weekly chat about vintage bikes, tech tips, and other tips for folks who wrench and ride."

    Keywords such as motorcycle, scooter, Cleveland, Harley, Honda, Lambretta, Ohio, Vespa, Yamaha, etc, etc aren't in there. Go into iTunes, search for "motorcycle", filter to podcast. You simply don't exist.

    Plus it's retarded to see the podcast published under Dustin's name instead of Phil's name. That's like looking for the Adam Carolla Show under his engineer's name.