Thursday, April 10, 2014

Clevelandmoto Podcast 3.28.14

This was a pot  luck of topics we talk about riding around Lake Erie and some tips for using GoogleMaps/Mapquest and GPS. Chris really is not tech friendly.  including oil, shaft drives, keeping your riding skills in check and much more.


Regarding the Prince Purple Rain Honda, Tom Summers writes: I did the bike back in 1984. It is a Honda 400 automatic. I believe the year to be about 1981 or so. It was bought along with two stunt bikes that weren't autos brand new from a dealer as leftover models. The automatic had its Comstar wheels converted to spokes to resemble the stunt bikes. The fairng is a brand name Kutter. I bought them from a company in Iowa I believe named the Kutter company. The three seats are one off,with hot pink velour inserts custom made in Drag Specialties upholstery deaptment. The sissy bar was a standard Drag spec. item. The handlebars are the 6 bend variety. As for the bikes of the stunt bikes remains purple and is on display at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, MN. I redid Princes bike along with the thrashed stunt bike in black and gold for the movie Grafiti Bridge in about 1990. As for Sport Wheels having any of the bikes..doubtful...but any thing is possible. What they do have is a replica Kutter fairing that I sold them years back. They tell everyone that its off Princes bike.......wrong. Any other questions ?? I'd be more than happy to answer.....Tom. 

What do you consider to be a high mileage motorcycle - how many miles is too many for you to consider buying a bike? 

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