Friday, April 11, 2014

ClevelandMoto Podcast 4.04.14

Hey Ho 2 in a row! I got behind from being on vacation so this one here is catching us up. In this episode we discuss how much HP can $2000 buy, lithium batteries, and good bikes to get the kids started on.

Here's the link we promised you for Dale Walker Holeshot Racing

Drag Racing a CB400F in '76 is a pretty good way to be a teenager. 

Bandit 1200 doing 1/4's with no wheelie bars. 


this is the battery i've had in my GTS250 all winter and it's working great. The price is marginally higher than the battery it replaces, but so far, the performance has been excellent. 

We are already stocking the Shorai Lithiums which have proven to be excellent and completely unkillable...but they're more expensive. ... &year=8422

The Shorai gives nearly double the CCA at start up (240+) than the Ballistic. You'll need this if your using it on a 500cc bike. 

We'll have the ballistics in stock in a few days.

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