Friday, February 20, 2015

Clevelandmoto #79 To Scramble or NOT to Scramble?

We weigh in or opinions about scramblers and recap our trip to the motorcycle show a few weeks ago.

9° and Steve is still wearing Jorts.

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So, we've heard a rumor that there won't be a progressive international motorcycle show next year...while we can't find anything saying those words EXACTLY...we have found this...

You will eventually be able to buy the bike of your dreams....

The second article is 6 years old...but it still represents some AMAZING deals.

Click on this picture to see what scrambler meant when the term was created.

KTM raises the bar on the term ADVENTURE BIKE...

Type Hipster Scrambler into google...what comes up? 


  1. The hipsters have destroyed the scrambler, cafe racer, and vintage motorcycle market to me.

    1. Why? How does what other people ride affect you?

    2. Just my opinion, I think the people that don't like hipsters perceive them as inauthentic. Back in the 80's and 90's skaters would have called them poseurs. "Dude, he wears Vision Street Wear and can't even ollie." I've also been that kid that listened to that amazing band before they were popular. You just don't feel as cool when you wear that shirt and everyone knows who the band is... and their ticket prices get more expensive and the shows get more crowded... and the venue is bigger... and you can't get as close. ... and how can all these kids possibly love them as much as I do! I've had a cafe bike for quite a while now. (It's not really a cafe, but it gets lumped in that category) I didn't really mind when it blew up... except for the fact that parts (and even the "cheap" bikes) have gotten crazy expensive, but I got into it early and can brag by saying things like, "I bought my Benelli tank for 1/3 of what they're going for now" and it doesn't sound like I'm even bragging. (Just kidding, I've only said that once when someone commented about how much I must have paid for my tank) That being said, there are a lot more parts out there now, which is kind of cool. To me, it seems like people want to be special and want to part of something... and a lot of times you're just doing your thing and these guys come along not caring that you've been working on this cafe for a year or two and just finished it, they grab a bike and fix it up or pay for someone to fix it up and it's better than yours and no one cares that you did it first... because it really doesn't matter at all. They've got their own group of friends that don't care if you're alive or not. They don't care what you're doing. They're doing their thing and they'll make a video documenting it so you can bask in their glory. I've gone to a bike show and was talking to a guy about his bike and I was mid sentence and he walked away from me to join his friends. So... yeah, I don't understand the contempt for hipsters and I do at the same time. I've got a beard and I've worn plaid since Nirvana, but part of me does want to shave and make a run to JC Pennys so that I won't be associated with that guy that walked away. Truthfully though, it's JC Pennys plaid and not H&M plaid (that's a store right?) In the end, I'd rather just keep doing what I'm doing / keep riding my bike and cobbling it back together when it breaks, because it's the coolest bike I can afford right now. There are also some really nice people in "the scene" too. Now... it would really suck though if a group like the KKK or someone took up cafe bikes and made them synonymous with the KKK... then I might feel a little more self conscious when I rode my bike. Anyway... Like I said, people want to be part of something. I think that's the appeal of your podcast. I've only just found your podcast recently, but for a short time, I get to have friends to hang out in the garage and talk bikes.

    3. I've been thinking about this a lot this weekend. ... and I hope I didn't give the impression that I was down on motorcycles or super depressed or anything... there was some joking in there. Basically, it boils down to this: I think it's virtually impossible to distinguish a cool person or someone into cool things from a hipster by appearance... I think the only difference is hipsters use cool as a weapon or to make them superior.

    4. Actually, maybe the definition of hipster goes along the lines of - Someone who does something mainly for the sake of fashion. I think there is a level of snobbery involved, but maybe not. Also... have you been in a thrift store lately? I just dropped off a bag yesterday and all the clothes look exactly like the clothes in my closet or at the store.... probably because they are the clothes that I (and people like me) donated. I don't know where you'd buy the cool vintage stuff anymore. Probably some high priced boutique.

  2. Some of my best friends are hipsters, most of them aren't spending $10,000 on a new motorcycle. It seems contrary to be buying all your clothing at the thrift store yet buying a brand new motorcycle.