Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ok, because you asked...

Yes, there is actually a picture of me with Ewan McGregor. It was taken at Laguna Seca Raceway in California in 2002. The stupid(er) look on my face is because he is grabbing my butt in the picture.

The story; It was my 2nd anniversary, but I was working in the booth on Ducati Island. Ewan (and His dad, pictured in the background) were super cool and hung out in our booth beating the heat and the crowds for a long time. We talked about motorcycles, steaks, wives and beer. After a little while he offered to call my wife and wish her a happy anniversary. He said "Hello Merritt, this is Ewan McGregor" she of course didn't believe him and thought it was one of my Scottish friends playing a prank on her. He eventually convinced her and said "I'm with Phil at the racetrack, and he's being a good boy, and I'm keeping an eye on him"...I could then hear her shout into the phone, "I'm watching you in Moulin Rouge right now!" he started laughing and chilled her out and wished her a happy anniversary. He made quite an impression on both of us, and it's given us a great story any time people talk about what their spouse got them (or didn't get them) for an anniversary. The next day Ewan and Ben Bostrom were invited to take a lap on Laguna Seca on scooters the company I was working for provided. We had a blast and actually rode the wrong way up the corkscrew just so Ewan could do it again faster (it's super intimidating). He was completely thrilled and kept saying "I was on Laguna Seca with Ben Bostrom!!! I will always say "I rode the corkscrew (twice) with Ewan McGregor and Ben Bostrom".

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  1. Yo! I love your podcast, and yes your face looks stupid in that picture. Innovative lie saying he was grabbing your ass though.

    Question: My lady wants white walls on her 1973 cb350four. As I'm sure you know, white walls cost stupid money. I almost exclusively buy Shinkos for all my bikes (and my lady's bikes). Any tips on how to DIY some white walls on a set of Shinkos? Specific paint, technique, etc. Or will this shit be more work than it's worth? This bike is Honda Red and would look sweet with white walls and I want my lady to think I actually know what I'm doing. I'm usually really good at that. Peace and grease!