Friday, March 6, 2015

ClevedMoto 80 - Tires and Waking up your bike.

Tires how do they work? Also since spring is on the way we discuss the proper techniques for waking up you bikes from winter storage.

Click above for EVERYTHING you'll ever need to know about motorcycle tires.

Should we do a Kickstarter to buy and set up a ClevelandMoto Motorhome / Remote recording / Drinking Studio? 

You're probably thinking something like this....

It will probably end up more like this...

Or probably, more realistically...this:

Send us $1 to AT 
If we actually get $100 in donations I will start up an actual kickstarter for this...

I mean seriously....these idiots have gotten over $12,000 for a stupid straw....

At least you'll be able to get drunk, sound all knowledgeable, and probably pass out in our bad idea.  

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  1. To add to the tire conversation... I went to buy a tire for my 81 XS650. I thought the Shinko 777 looked like a decent tire and people seemed to like it. I bought the right size tire for my rim (I want to say it was a 130/90/16, but I'm not near the bike right now and it has been a while). That thing was way too wide for my bike. It rubbed on the swing arm sitting still. I contacted Shinko and they said, "oh yeah, it must be a different shape. Tell me what you want and we'll send you a different tire." I did and they never did. I ended up buying a Dunlop (I want to say d402) and it was at least an inch and a half narrower just sitting still (more like 2). What do you think is the difference? Brand? Style?