Friday, March 20, 2015

ClevelandMoto 82 Go Mexico! Oscar from Tijuana guest stars.

This podcast deals with motorcycling abroad and what you should do to plan ahead for it. With our special guest Oscar from Tijuana, Mexico.

Crossing the border into Tijuana with the folks from Motorsport Scooters in San Diego. 

Running along the coast heading North in San Felipe we discovered a SCORE offroad race. Those trucks and buggies are passing us at 75+ in the dirt. 

This is Los Pelicanos Resort in Rosarita, $23 / night gets you the suite. 

The Mexican Army checkpoint was not too impressed with the M240 machine gun barrels that were mounted to Raven's bike. 

Surf & Turf Puerto Nuevo style...this dinner was $12 and they didn't charge us for the first few rounds of frozen margaritas. 

Topes - This is the official "SLOW DOWN" sign. You'll probably get air. 

And of course...The ZONKEY!!!!

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