Friday, January 16, 2015

ClevelandMoto Podcast 75 California Dreaming - Death of Cafe Racers, and Dealerships...I guess.

Is the Cafe Racer dead? Do we need dealerships anymore? We discuss these topics and more plus Phil talks about bikes he saw in California and what may be the next trend to head east.

Helicopters  -  Sure, we LOVE helicopters. 
Next time you're in Vegas check out

Yes, On my California trip I saw an Actual SYM Fighter 250 being driven on the road.

Is this what's the next FAD in motorcycles will be - the guys in LA think so....

Is this a picture from 1980, or a modern picture with "Vintage Style" rider with period correct helmet and jacket and a Instagram filter? 

Not my opinion - but a few funny lines. 

Do we really need to have dealers anymore? Tesla doesn't think so....

Go to Catalina Island, take the bus'll be impressed.

Dustin gets a little grumpy at the end of the podcast.

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