Friday, January 9, 2015

ClevelandMoto Podcast74 - What are you excited about this year?

I'm catching up from falling behind around the holidays. In this episode we talk about some of the crazy motorcycles currently being offered by the major brands paying close attention to the ones that didn't make the cut in the US market.

Here are your podcasters with Mrs. Smith's Cranberry moonshine. Steve Hofert on the Left, Johnny Chrome, Chris Smith (Furry Hat), Dustin Elliott, Phil Waters. 

Steve buys a Honda Vt1100 Touring Shadow that got hit by a deer...

What bike are you excited about this year? 

Because we're having a little trouble getting excited about stuff like this; that where it's gonna be, or has it already jumped the shark? 

I just don't know if I'm hipster enough for this bike. 

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